Green Choices

When it comes to choosing a print supplier, clients increasingly want to know how green we are.
The answer to this question is ‘how green do you want the solution to be?’.


Materials within our industry get more sustainable each year and are getting closer to being as good as their current ‘not so green’ solutions.


Our print machinery uses plant-based inks where possible and paper from certified sustainable sources. A lot of this is carbon balanced.


All waste is managed and minimised, separated and recycled as far as is practically possible.


Our staff are trained to seek the greenest feasible solution and advise clients on how we can supply the most environmentally friendly options.

Xpress are certified to ISO14001 and seek to deliver where possible a solution that is as green as the client wants and one that adheres to our Environmental Policy.

Xpress abide by all government legislation and work to and above industry guidelines including those of the British Print Industry Federation (BPIF) of which we are members.

Digital Print allows for short print runs which helps reduce waste. We can print as little as just one item with minimal waste.

As a result, we have a low carbon footprint which is currently being independently assessed. We have also started working towards further and stricter green methods.


Team Daisy bee bomb & letter

As part of the Daisy re-brand in 2021 Xpress were tasked to create a newsletter for the company and packaging for their new product ‘Bee Bomb’.

The Daisy letter is created from recycled seed paper, plus all items are sustainable and 100% recyclable.

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