Speeding: Changing behaviour

Signage / Wayfinding

Think Speed campaign

Heathrow is Europe’s biggest airport with 75.6 million passengers per year. Ensuring their customers can find their way around is a big task, which is resolved with an effective wayfinding system.

But it’s not just the customers whose journeys need to be managed.  One of the challenges you face with 81 miles of roads within Heathrow’s 1227 hectares estate is that your staff know their way around and like to get from A to B quickly.  This gives them the problem of staff speeding on the roads within Heathrow.

Here’s their story of how we helped change speeding behaviour.

Xpress Group are good at challenging our thinking and helping us come up with better solutions.

In this case, an advertising campaign on the exterior of our courtesy buses has really engaged people.   The feedback has been extremely positive.   Younger drivers who make up a high percentage of our workforce were unaware that they had a 6-point licence limit.

Others now recognise that the areas with lampposts restrict speed to a maximum of 30 mph unless otherwise signed.

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Client feedback

Xpress get where I’m coming from and how our operation works, the impact for us getting it wrong and the reputational damage that would cause. The team are really good at challenging our ideas and helping us come up with better solutions.

Victoria Sutton
Operations Manager
Heathrow Airport