Direct Mail

Research shows that 95% of people read direct business mail, whereas emails are often deleted immediately.

Moreover, 87% of people find mailed marketing feels more believable and legitimate, compared to 1%-5% response rate for emails.

Direct mail, once known as junk mail, has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. It’s no longer scatter-gun simplicity; instead, it’s a smart, targeted marketing tool that can deliver a clear and relevant message to your potential customers.

From design to print to post

Direct mail works, BUT only when it is done well.

It all starts with a consultation with our team. No hard sell.

Starting at the end is the best place to start! We want to know what your expected outcomes are and ideally what sort of budget you have in mind.

From here, we can work out what options are best, from a simple printed letter, perhaps with a handwritten envelope, to a multi-item marketing pack with some stunning branding.

We also find that chocolate helps! We add some to the packs we send out. It is often the trigger for the client to remember on the all-important follow up call too.

Getting personal

With research showing that 48% of consumers would open an item personally addressed to them, it is an opportunity not to be missed.

If what is inside is personalised too, then this ups the chances of the recipient keeping the item.

We can include pens, notepads and more.


Using a list from an Excel spreadsheet, we create the required address labels. From here, we pack, label, and send.

It is key to send at the right time of the year and week. No point mailing to schools for instance during summer holidays.

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