Gatwick Airport Decade of Change 2017

Visual Content

Gatwick Airport’s
‘Decade of Change’ sustainability report

Making the complex simple

In 2010 Gatwick Airport set out an ambitious strategy outlined in their report, ‘The Decade of Change’, to radically reduce the airports carbon emissions, water usage and waste to landfill, among many other sustainability measures, by 2020.

This would mean measuring 10 key performance indicators, generating numerous pages of data tables.

The problem was how to present this complex data in a digestible format for its stakeholders, employees and environmental bodies.

Key to solving this problem was the creation of infographics, graphs and images. By adding more visual content, the report is easy to read and conveys key facts and figures at a glance.

We’re now into our 4th edition together, with the 2018 report coming soon. Our mission to simplify the data continues, as does Gatwick’s aim to be ‘the most sustainable UK airport’. Among their achievements since they first launched their strategy, they have become the first airport to achieve a Zero Waste to Landfill accreditation from the Carbon Trust, as well as being recertified as a Carbon Neutral airport.