Biwater 50th Anniversary

Branding, Brochures

A golden anniversary logo design

Biwater is a world leader in treated water, providing large-scale water and wastewater solutions across the world. We’ve had the pleasure of working with the marketing team to deliver various design and print projects, and more recently was asked to help develop their 50th Anniversary marketing.

In wedding anniversary terms, the 50th is the golden anniversary and we were inspired by this to create a gold crest design for Biwater to mark this special milestone in its company history.

The primary gold crest is designed for use on all print and digital media, with a simplified version provided if size and legibility require.

The company name and fish emblem were also created separately so that Biwater has the flexibility to use this version, whilst still retaining the gold, symbolic of the 50th Anniversary.

A set of 50th Anniversary brand guidelines were created to show logo positioning on the website, email signatures and each of their social channels.

We also designed and printed some promotional and celebratory items to support their internal marketing.

The BBC launched a Biwater documentary that charts Biwater’s successful 50-year history of delivering life changing water and wastewater treatment solutions around the world. This can be viewed on their website.

Hard copies were printed on 100% recycled paper on Xpress’ environmentally friendly Indigo press.