Building Brand Champions

Branding Branded Toblerones Biwater Office Frames Biwater branded mouse mat

Does everyone feel part of the brand?

Established branding doesn’t always translate well between online and print. Non-standard fonts and snappy imagery can be difficult bedfellows in a digital world. The problem grows when you add multiple offices serving global clients. Very quickly communication becomes a mismatch of styles, sending the wrong message to those that matter most.

Continuity of brand message between different cultures and stakeholders is tough enough. Then there is the tricky business of introducing a re-brand into a global business and getting everyone to use the correct logo, fonts and brand imagery on all their marketing collateral and documents.

With an outdated set of brand guidelines that had no reference to digital media, Biwater needed a relevant and modern set of guidelines and a way of ensuring all 300 staff not only adhered to the new brand but also, was excited by it.

How we helped Biwater get everyone on the same font

The Xpress team come up with the idea of a brand pack to be distributed to all staff across 18 offices worldwide.  It included the brand guidelines, mouse mats and personalised chocolates. Everyone regardless of position received their very own business cards.

Fulfilment was taken care of by Xpress with every pack dropping on desks the day the new brand went live.

If continuity of brand messaging matters.  Then we should be talking.

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Client feedback

Dedication – it comes from your energy. It feels to me that you all love the job. That for me leads to a good partnership because I equally love it. It’s a sort of thing that makes it easy to get up for work in the morning get into work and work with you guys and I get the feeling it comes across the same for the team.

Hayley Thompson
Group Marketing and Communications Manager
Biwater International