LID Boss Exhibition Stand

Exhibition / Display, Installations

Lid Boss have created a unique suite of products to reduce touchpoints following the COVID 19 pandemic. 

The Product:
Their Touchless system ensures a huge reduction in germ transmission. It gives clients and consumers the peace of mind that they can drink safely, speeding up service and eradicating the need to pull apart stacks of cups and lids. This ingenious solution also reduces customer costs by more than 20% by removing damaged lids and reducing waste.

The Task:
Xpress Group were commissioned to create a large format exhibition stand for upcoming trade shows to promote their new line of products.

The Solution:
The chosen Xpress design is clean and minimal and ensures the focus is on the products and key selling points. Finished graphics were positioned in front of the stand using the stand cases which converted into a ready-made plinth. Xpress Group also produced a short run of leaflets & stickers to give Lid Boss the complete printed package for their events and exhibitions.