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High impact Bids and Tenders

It’s midnight, the executive summary is still being drafted. Multiple authors have toiled for months. Tenders can run to thousands of pages, personalised copies, multiple variations, delivered to the right person, some include pricing others not. Total security with van fleets, primed for delivery on time. There’s a lot at stake most of all the cost of losing. And last of all – how does it look and feel?

Is it easy to follow… make us stand out from the crowd… most of all does it win?

Bid winning companies share one thing in common…

With a global presence at more than 170 airports, including half of the 20-highest rated in the world, ARINC are a leading provider of self-serve and communications solutions – essential for a smooth and safe flow of passengers.

How we help ARINC create winning tenders

Xpress Group provide the design, print and fulfilment for ARINC’s tenders for multi-million pound contracts at airports around the world.

Starting with bespoke template design, we create a template which incorporates the airport’s branding to which they are tendering, as well as their own. We drop in their content as well as source images and once approved, send to print. This process is often performed within tight deadlines, with our team sometimes working around the clock.

Multiple copies are produced so that all authors also receive a copy. These are dispatched and could be sent anywhere in the world. Most recent tenders have been created for Bahrain, Brussels and Heathrow airports.

ARINC have recently won tenders to supply US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) with Advance Passenger Information (API) and Passenger Name Record (PNR) data from airlines to provide enhanced border protection and a trial of their latest self-service baggage solution at Bristol Airport.

When precise attention to detail, stunning design and absolute commitment to deadlines are must haves – Xpress Group deliver.

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