Unlocking the Secrets of Effective Marketing Communication

Your Marketing Message and What It Says About Your Business

Ah, That Old Chestnut

A marketing message: it sounds like a business cliché, doesn’t it?

Everyone talks about your message – getting the right one across or being “on-message”, whatever on earth that means. The business environment swims in slightly cringey, unavoidable jargon. So, here’s another term to set your teeth on edge.

Except in this case, it’s significant and is certainly a thing. Therefore, it’s worth knowing about

What Is a Marketing Message?

In Xpress Group’s opinion, it’s how you communicate with your audience to persuade or convince them to do business with you. It’s influential. It’s important. Your marketing message – or, preferably, the right one – can mean the difference between a brand-new, high-value client to help you meet your goals and a lot of hard work for basically nothing.

And it doesn’t stop there.

It’s also about connecting with the world.

To clarify, telling them what your organisation does, the products and services it sells and how they can enhance people’s lives. Why exactly do they need you? Well, your marketing message will reveal all.

More Than Words

We love words.

Clear, crisp, focused copywriting is well worth investing in. But client-oriented content is just a part of the picture here. You need the frame, the canvas and the paint. Your message must be consistent across all your marketing platforms: social media, emails, and advertising. This way, your prospects know precisely what to expect from you each and every time.

Let’s uncover one of the most impactful and substantial players in your marketing and a sector in which Xpress Group is proud to play a major role:


Brochures, business cards, banners, signs, point-of-sale materials, flyers, leaflets – print has NOT dropped off the radar and doesn’t look like doing so any time soon. Almost nothing communicates faster than something you can see, feel and touch. And yes, your business will be judged by the colours, style, fonts, size, finish and style of something tangible; an actual product, front and centre of someone’s attention.

So, What Does Your Marketing Message Say About Your Business?

Of course, this will depend on what you do, but consider the following examples concerning printed marketing collateral:

  1. We sell expensive watches. Our broch
    The cover has a subtle sheen and embossed lettering that picks up sunlight. We’d like you to treasure this high-end marketing piece and buy from us at some point in the future.
  2. We’re a brand-new consultancy business. Our joint partnership has over 50 years’ combined previous experience, but we’re a start-up.Already VAT registered, we’re looking to establish our credibility and create trust. This is essential, as we’re targeting senior-level decision-makers. We have business cards and a good website. But, have you seen our brochure, too? Yes, it was an investment, but we think it looks great: it’s A5, with discreet duck-egg blue colours, quality images and plenty of white space.It’s quite “solid-looking”, but we want to stand out as a high-quality brand and be remembered.
  3. We organise themed corporate events. This is such a competitive sector. Our business has been running for years, but it took a hit during lockdown, and our clients need to know we’re still here. Also, how much our services have expanded. (We do James Bond parties now!) Our marketing manager suggested an “old-fashioned” mailshot, with a cover letter and a brochure. And, here it is: clean and clear, with loads of fabulous images. Do you like our up-style headed paper? We’re all about combining business with pleasure.Does it show? We think it does.
  4. We’re a domestic cleaning company. Our existing customers know us well, and they often recommend our business to their friends and family.This year, however, we plan to expand, and one of our strategies involves door drops. This type of direct marketing works well for us. Our two-sided flyers fit easily through doors. We’ve gone all-out on the design and have focused on the more expensive property areas in our town. The flyers are really striking: vibrant, arresting colours, friendly, easy-to-read copy, and a classy typeface. They are printed 200 gsm to make them stand out.People attach them to their fridge doors, and when they’re ready for us, we’re ready for them.

How To Create a Powerful Marketing Message

  • Demonstrate care and concern for your audience. You need to know how they tick, and how to meet their needs.
  • Address their pain points. As above – how does what you offer make things better?
  • Present your business as a solution, not a series of features.
  • What’s your “why” – your mission, vision and values? And what does this mean to others?
  • Build trust with your future customers.

Trust is everything. Here’s why:

When people have faith and confidence in you, what you offer and how your services will work, they’ll buy from you. And, you will retain them. Taking the time to craft a powerful marketing message with words, images, and touchable marketing will reap rewards.

Ultimately, a compelling value proposition showcases your originality; your brand’s personality will shine like stars on a dark night. What’s unique to your company? Take the time to move away from the run-of-the-mill and towards the exceptional.

So, have your customers been exposed to your marketing message yet?

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