Why You Still Need Business Cards

The Timeless Value of Physical Business Cards

Yes, you “still need business cards”.

This statement assumes a growing assumption that they’re out of favour in some way; no longer required nor essential in our working lives; somewhat passé, in fact – like the fax machine. After all, everyone’s so high-tech and of the moment we simply blip each other’s QR codes (Quick Response) on our phones and voilà, job done.

Or maybe we don’t.

The Case for QR

Yes, they are indeed eco-friendly.

Plus, they’re e-business cards that never expire. You need never update them, and, unlike their printed version counterparts, you’ll never a) panic because you’ve arrived at a networking event without them or b) realise you have just five left when you’re about to go to a conference.

With the QR convenience, everything you need to know about the person you have just met is now safely lodged away on LinkedIn via your astonishingly powerful small computer – AKA a mobile phone.

And in an increasingly digital world, their use and practicality can only grow.


Not So Fast

The niche role that printed business cards have made for themselves is going nowhere for some time to come. Go to any business expo or meeting, and you’ll see what we mean. They’re still the fastest and easiest way to exchange business and personal details. With a business card, you know what you’re going to get. And there’s something about them that, in our opinion, is lacking in their younger, more cutting-edge contemporaries.

They speak loudly, even when you’re not there.

Email marketing campaigns and social media can be exceptional. Nevertheless, actual human face-to-face communication is what we were all designed for.

Undoubtedly, Xpress Group has skin in the game here. We print thousands of different types of business cards every year and have seen no drop off in demand. We still (that word again) think they’re by far the best way to introduce yourself to potential new prospects, suppliers, or business associates.

And here’s why:

1) You Can Share Your Contact Details

Well, yes – it really is that obvious.

The primary objective of a business card is to provide the person in front of you with the best ways to contact you. Here, your name, title, phone number, email address and website are right there, as are theirs – instantaneously and with no faffing about checking your mobile.
Equally, is the recipient’s phone compatible with accepting electronic contact details? Perhaps not, in which case your next client is just about to disappear into thin air.


Just as an aside, do make sure you’re not operating a pointless Sales Prevention System with minuscule, hard-to-read lettering on your card. Why on earth would you do this? Or, a horrible, cheap design destined to end up in the lousy business card Hall of Fame.

Plus, you do have all your details on there. Yes? (Make it easy for people to get in touch.)

2) Create an Excellent First Impression

There are sharp-elbowed competitors out there, and life moves fast.

Picture the scene: you don’t “do” business cards, and your phone battery is running low. If you scramble around looking for a pen and paper, you’ll surely look disorganised and foolish in front of someone you may want to impress.

Don’t be that person.

You want to be remembered in the most positive way possible.

Therefore, having a well-designed, high-quality business card signals professionalism loud and clear. It legitimises you and your business in a subtle, subconscious way. By the same token, it delivers a powerful message that’s all about your credibility. The message is this:

I believe in myself; I care about how I come across. I have invested time, money and quality into my marketing. Therefore, I will invest in you, Mr or Mrs Future-Customer.

In Xpress Group’s opinion, your business card delivers everything someone needs to know about your trustworthiness. The look and feel – through card weight, embossing and finishing, colours and fonts – are critical. If you’d like to charge more for your services or reinforce your justification for higher prices, start with your business card.

3) You’ll Be Remembered

When people are looking for a service, most likely, Google will be their first port of call.

However, if they’ve met a business owner with expertise in what they may need, with a tangible reminder, your business card could be that vital nudge. Not least if you have met them more than once at a networking event. Thus, they know and remember you, and look — there’s your business card right there.

As excellent as your SEO strategy may be, in our experience, people hold onto cards.

For example, they stack them on their desk, in a wallet, and, without conscious thought, glance at them regularly. Welcome to long-term branding with benefits as your business starts to “stick” – becoming increasingly apparent as time goes on.

4) Add a Personal Touch

A small point, perhaps, but when you exchange business cards, you’re not just sharing contact information. You’re engaging with someone. Also, you’re greeting each other, shaking hands, and starting to forge a connection with them.

Similarly, an exchange of cards pushes the conversation forward. Perhaps yours has a unique design or a dynamic feature; maybe your contact knows someone in your sector – or someone you have in common. Here is your ideal opportunity to compliment your new connection about his or her business card. Again, to make your mark, ensure that yours is the best it can be.

Talk to us about our design and print expertise.

5) Direct People to Your Digital Experience

Having dissed it a bit, let’s big up the QR code. QR codes are not just strange, black-and-white splodgy things. They’re a ticket that leads back to you and could open up your sales funnel in one fell swoop.

Let us explain.

If you have a QR code on your business card, if someone focuses their camera on it, they’ll go straight through to your website – in the blink of an eye. Once there, they can explore your services and even book an appointment with you. Your higher conversion rate could result in more leads.

And, better ones.

Tell People What You Do – With the Right “Feels”

You may have seen someone’s card and be none the wiser about their business. It’s not a good look, really. In actual fact, it’s confusion marketing and a bit of a poor start.

It sounds self-evident, but an excellent business card will quite literally say what you do. One look or glance, and your expertise is at someone else’s fingertips. And with the most appropriate branding — fonts, colours and style — it will communicate all the required vibes about how you do it.

For instance, if you advise people on wealth management, your business card will differ from that of a fine-dining restaurant. Or, a gym. Or, a photographer. Your style could be minimalist, maximalist, scholarly, whimsical, high-end – anything. With a business card, you can set the tone and start to manage your contacts’ expectations right from the start.

6) Create Brand Consistency

Branding consultants often mention consistency, and we concur.

Business cards are your brand ambassadors. Adding your logo and other stylistic touches makes your business recognisable and, we think, easier to recall. Consistency across all your other marketing collateral reinforces the message.

Final Thoughts

Technology swirls around us.

Are business cards slowly becoming obsolete? As we hope this article expresses, the answer is “no”.

While digital business cards will continue to grow in popularity, traditional cards mean business figuratively and plainly. They’re timeless and critical tool for introducing yourself to actual, real human beings. As we have now emerged from a time when face-to-face contact wasn’t possible, we must appreciate and never forget what we can now do again.

Let’s treasure and celebrate our connections to one another.

And, that physical, tangible proof of who we are and what we do will always send a powerful message at a networking event:

Here I am. Let’s connect.

Would you like to expand your name in the marketplace? Xpress Group’s expertise could be just what you need. Contact us to find out more.