Maximising Brand Exposure with Vehicle Wraps

That’s a Wrap: How Vehicle Graphics Will Enhance Your Brand’s Visibility

That’s a Wrap: How Vehicle Graphics Will Enhance Your Brand’s Visibility

We like what we know.

When faced with a choice of products, if we’re familiar with something, we’re more likely to choose it. It helps our decision-making process. Recognising something can change a prospect into a paying customer.

It’s about trust. And, of course, confidence in what you’re buying and who you’re buying it from.

So much so, in fact, that we’d go so far as to say that when someone is ready to buy from you, dependable, recognisable colours, fonts, and designs could be the thing that swings it.

In this article, we’ll explain wrapping and how it works. We’ll also discuss how it could improve your visibility in a competitive brand environment.

Vehicle Visuals Out and About

Walk or drive down any high street, and you’ll likely see several wrapped cars, trucks, vans, and buses.

This type of branding is fast-growing and a flexible, affordable solution for businesses keen to spread the word.

Our world is ferociously digital. And, social media-focused – to put it mildly. However, billboards that move, that is, graphics on commercial vehicles, can spread awareness quickly. Something well-designed will turn heads and make a lasting impression on your future clients.

What is Vehicle Wrapping?

Also known more simply as just graphics, wrapping changes a vehicle’s appearance without having to paint or respray it.

In brief, wrapping uses a vinyl film covering that’s carefully applied over the bodywork, wholly or partially, depending on your needs. This technique suits all vehicles, from the smallest to the largest – even coaches.

A range of finishes and textures are on offer, such as gloss, metallic and matt.

Vehicle graphics aren’t permanent; that’s one of the best things about this type of branding. They can be applied for a time-limited advertising campaign, then removed and replaced for the next one. Graphics can promote something locally or nationally. With over thirty years of experience in branding and printing, Xpress Group has in-depth expertise in wraps, so we know how effective they can be. Our team would be happy to offer you advice on getting your message “out there”. Contact us to find out more.

The Process

Each vehicle is different, so we must measure it accurately for a bespoke fit and ensure its surface is suitable for wrapping. Obvious, of course, but there’s no “standard” size.

Ask us about overlaying graphics on doors or on an area that’s not flat, as there’s more work involved here to make everything look as impressive as possible. Bear in mind, however, that the only place they can’t go is on electric windows as they move.

Xpress Group will print and laminate the vinyl and, using heat between 90 and 100 degrees centigrade, re-cast it to the shape of your vehicle. Then, the vehicle’s surface will be thoroughly prepared and cleaned to ensure that the self-adhesive vinyl glides on smoothly.

Sounds straightforward, but this process needs an eye for detail, and a steady hand.

Your vehicle will soon be ready to face the world with smart, new branded graphics that do double duty:

  • They provide a durable external “skin” that protects the surface from scratches, chips, or discolouration from UV light.
  • They’re primed to tell your audience precisely what your company does and how your services can meet their needs — in instantly impactful, meaningful words and images.

What Are the Benefits of Vehicle Graphics?

Brand visibility will always be a significant element of any marketing campaign.

You need to be seen to be believed. Of course, there are several ways to achieve this: point-of-sale promotions, stationery, signs, and window and wall graphics are a few good examples.

We can design, print, and install all of these, and more, to help you make your mark.

Vehicle graphics are exceptionally hard workers, though. How can they help to increase your visibility?

1) Marketing on the Move

An advertising billboard is static; window decals and wraps are stationary.

With vehicle wraps, your business will reach more people simply by existing – if you see what we mean. Every trip, near or far is a powerful promotional and marketing opportunity. No other branding technique gets out and about as much as vehicle graphics do.

On a larger scale, we know that this really works. Think of Eddie Stobart or Norbert Dentressangle lorries on the motorway as the perfect example. We spot them as a way to pass a long journey. And, surely the power of vehicle wraps writ large is this – the ultimate tribute:

Did you realise an Eddie Stobart Lorry Spotting Club is on Facebook?

2) Highly Customisable

There’s no need to go with the flow. Car graphics offer a nearly unlimited choice of how your vehicle can look and feel. Eye-catching, dynamic designs can’t fail to attract attention and can be tailored exactly to your needs. How creative would you like to be?

3) Local Impact

This applies within a more limited geographical area, too.

You make a strong statement each time your car, van or truck is out and about in your local community.


It works like this:

Whether you’re on business or en route to the local supermarket, your brand is quite literally in front of more potential customers every time you or a staff member puts the key into the ignition and drives off. Every red light stop could leave a lasting impression. Even when you’re packed, you’ll still be noticed.

Hassle-free marketing indeed.

And, if you operate within a specific region or area, you will deliver your message directly to the local demographic.

Equally, by using uniform branding on your business cards, website, and other marketing collateral, it’s your business, rather than your rivals’, who can offer consistency.

4) Build Customer Confidence

We’re back to trust and confidence here. Elevating your company vehicles with wraps demonstrates an investment in your marketing, legitimising you as an established professional. Add your website, a landline number, and even a QR code for even more impact.

Who would you prefer to engage with? A business that arrives with smart branded vehicles or white-van-man?

There is simply no comparison.

5) Achievable and Affordable

How would you feel about your branding being seen by 20,000 customers a day? Or more?

Perhaps you have a fleet of business vehicles out on the road. With a consistent logo, colour palette and styling, your target market will recognise them immediately. Vehicle graphics are a practical, cost-effective way for your audience to build a picture of your organisation.

Importantly, this is a one-off cost. Once designed, printed and applied, there are no ongoing fees – unless advertising boards, where prices can start to add up.

Vehicle Graphics: A Few Things to Avoid

From experience, we know what works. And, what doesn’t. So, it’s worth thinking about the following:

  • Less is more. Don’t over-complicate things with an overly busy wrap full of too much of everything. Keep things simple with streamlined branding to avoid an off-putting, chaotic design.
  • Fonts: Avoid hard-to-read typefaces, like elaborate swirly or italic fonts. Ask Xpress Group to guide you on the best types for your vehicle. When you’re moving, you’ll need high visibility and ultra-easy text for others to read.
  • High-resolution graphics and images only, please. Don’t consider low-res anything. When they’re enlarged to go on the side of a lorry, for instance, they’ll look grainy. Which means cheap.
  • Contact details: There’s a good spot to place them. And, a bad one.It sounds counter-intuitive, but the public will probably miss your details if they are on the side of your van. Most people who see and interact with your wrap for any length of time will be driving behind you, so some creative thought into clear letters and numbers at the rear of the vehicle prevents the dreaded Sales Prevention System.

Our Final Thoughts

This is your call to action.

First impressions mean everything; standing out and capturing your audience’s attention is non-negotiable. How would a strong brand presence support your company? Vehicle wraps offer a versatile solution – from a single vehicle to an entire fleet. Scale up as you grow.

If you’d like your graphics to be a conversation starter, Xpress Group has all the necessary know-how. Contact us for vehicle graphics that look the part and are on-brand.