The Power of Vinyl Graphics for Brand Recognition

Understanding the Impact of Vinyl Graphics on Branding

Are we all digital, all of the time?

The answer is no.

In our previous articles, Xpress Group has often mentioned more traditional types of marketing and branding and how popular they still are — brochures and business cards, for example. And, with good reason. Signage graphics are no different. Digital imagery may be on the rise, but vinyl graphics are versatile and timeless.

Once you see them, you can’t unsee them.

Or rather, they have a universal presence for your future clients to notice, engage with and absorb. In our opinion, they’re an excellent way to attract attention, enhance your brand images and, when executed well, gain more clients. In this article, we’re all about the visual impact of vinyl graphics: what they are and the potential they could offer your business

What Exactly Are Vinyl Graphics?

They’re printed graphics that use vinyl as a substrate, or base material. Vinyl is a well-accepted material for printing as it takes many forms – from thin and flexible to thick and rigid.

It comes in different types to meet various needs, and you’ll see it at many trade shows, in retail stores, and so on.

For example, banners at business expos, or adhesive vinyl for floor graphics, vehicle wraps and wall murals. Magnetic vinyl works brilliantly to adhere to a metal surface when you may need to move it around, and window vinyl is an adhesive decal that sticks to glass surfaces to transform a shopfront, say.

What impact would you like vinyl graphics to have on your branding?

Think about the following:

1. Increased Brand Visibility

In an ideal world, your branding will be in front of people so that they recall what your company does.

And, it will be in a good way.

With good-quality vinyl graphics, you will have your own visual magnet. You can significantly build up your visibility through a well-thought-out strategy of graphics placement. Perhaps vinyl decals at the front of your retail business, on vehicles, or any other key locations could offer wider exposure.

With graphics applied to your business vehicles, you’ll reach countless people over a much wider area. In different locations, vinyl graphics on cars, trucks, and vans turn into mobile billboards, generating thousands of impressions daily. This means they’re an impressive, impactful tool.

So, what do you think? Perhaps your plain white van could be an advertising opportunity — wasted.

2. Customisable and Versatile Designs

Your business has its own story and identity. So, vinyl graphics deliver adaptability and make your brand pop.

Large, small, bright or subtle colours – the choice is yours. Plus, you can laminate them for outdoor protection and decide between matte or glossy finishes. Display your website, contact details and company logo.

You really can tailor them to align with your message.

3. Easy to Install – And Remove

Life moves fast, and so do advertising campaigns.

Xpress Group can apply adhesive vinyl decals to your chosen surface, ensuring an immaculate, seamless finish. When you launch your next campaign, you can remove them easily – with no sticky residue underneath, or damage.

4. Affordable Advertising

Compared to other advertising methods – print ads, digital billboards, and so on – vinyl graphics are much more affordable.

We believe they’re an outstanding means of tapping into an advertising goldmine without too much use of your marketing budget. Here, you can convey your message with intricate designs, bold fonts and vibrant colours so that your business brand stands head and shoulders above everyone else’s.

5. Durable and Long-Lasting

Did you know that vinyl is relatively affordable, especially considering its durability?

Canvas and polyester materials can look amazing, but they may not last. With vinyl graphics, you could benefit from extended exposure through their sheer resilience. They’ll withstand the elements, keeping their vibrancy and colour.

Vinyl graphics’ effectiveness extends beyond their unique visual appeal into almost a “cost per use” way of thinking. Given their technical superiority, you can make the most of a genuine value-for-money investment.

What Xpress Group Thinks

In a world where visual communication is so integral to who we are, it makes sense to integrate fabulous designs into your brand strategy, current marketing initiatives, promotions, and events.
We can create bespoke designs to suit your space and that speak to your target – yet with images, rather than words. If you’d like to learn more about this incredible game-changing concept and make the impact you deserve, get in touch with us.