Innovative Signage Solutions for Businesses

Better Brand Visibility with Cutting-Edge Signage

Blending in, rather than standing out – is easy.

Just do as your competitors do. Follow the crowd. With marketing and promotion, if you don’t want to be looked at or attract attention, then clever, super-sharp “look at us” marketing may not really be your cup of tea.


Most likely, you would like your business to be positively conspicuous in some way.

Be Seen, Sell More

In an enormously crowded market, being more visible than your rivals is one of the most effective ways to increase brand exposure. Literally, being seen. And, in Xpress Group’s opinion, signage – more to the point, innovative signage – remains one of the most basic yet effective forms of advertising.

Let’s define innovative: original, inventive, ground-breaking, novel – all those good things.

Signs are everywhere we look. Practically ubiquitous, our world would be a strange place without them. Almost certainly, take away signage – yes, this is hypothetical – and organisations of every size and type would sell far fewer products and services

Are you getting it right? Does your marketing have something genuinely new to offer? Let’s look at a few ways to make your mark in the choice-filled world of signage.

1. Digital Signage

In 2024, digital signage is a contemporary solution that’s achievable. What we mean is, that it’s cutting-edge yet, depending on the option you choose, not so state-of-the-art that it will blow the rest of this year’s marketing budget.

As the saying goes, it’s quite a broad church.

There are several types, dimensions and usages of digital signage. And, its functionality is developing daily. In brief, digital signage’s ease of use and flexibility puts it at the top of our list in this article.


Because scheduling content is simple, you can update the display anytime. Equally, you can show different types of information – from industry news, adverts, images, videos – all sorts of value-add, customer-focused collateral.

Choose small or large screens, tablets, or free-standing kiosks. Even money-no-issue video walls.

2. Interactive Video Signage

To develop the idea of digital signage briefly, with increased digitisation comes the need for more versatility. You may already have seen and experienced self-ordering kiosks in fast-food restaurants or check-in screens at airports and hotels.

Consumers appear to like convenience and interaction.

So, step forward digital menus, touch screens, and mobile device integration for a streamlined, personalised customer experience. With interactive digitisation, there are ways for an individual to explore a product range, complete surveys, navigate to a specific destination, and even access remote customer support.

Your customer is empowered and getting involved. You, as a business owner could be gathering data about consumer preferences to refine your marketing strategies. It’s all rather excellent.

Watch this space for further explorations of this exciting innovation.

3. Reception Signs – for the 21st Century

When you think of reception signs, you may not actually think of, well – anything really. A reception sign is just something on a wall at the entrance to a business.

The truth is that foyer and reception signs are the first point of contact you’re your customer. Therefore, they’ve come up to date.

Now, they can be illuminated works of art in their own right. Plus, you can have more than one. They’re a powerful way to entertain and inform visitors while they wait in lobbies and lounges. And, you can display information that shows every guest what your company is all about.

Impressive stuff.

Think about updates on projects, new services and promotions. This is an exceptional way to engage with your captive audience for a few minutes.

Contemporary Outdoor Signage

Advances in signage aren’t just about interiors. Outdoor signage is sensational; it reaches more people, not least with digital technology and offers tremendous benefits.

Such as?

Firstly, it’s incredibly adaptable. And, highly visible. Moreover, it delivers dynamic content. No longer limited to a single, digitised image, outdoor signage can become almost anything: a wayfinding service, a promotional messaging board, a way to live-stream events, change items on a menu, update pricing and upsell.

Signage is easily, remotely controllable through an integrated operating system offering WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. Plus, with striking, crystal-clear images, definition is impressively sharp.

Examples include LED displays, LCD signs, video walls, digital walls and A-frames: a modern take on a traditional sandwich board.

Other Thoughts on Innovation

  • In 2024, clients seem to prefer simplicity and want to cut through the clutter. Thus, we’re seeing minimalistic designs for maximum impact, clean lines with simple colour palettes conveying messages quickly and simply.
  • We’ve mentioned sustainability more than once, but an article about innovation can’t ignore it or at least touch on it. It’s a huge topic in this industry and isn’t going to disappear any time soon. The signage sector will continue to move towards using recycled materials where possible and more sustainable production methods.

We’ll keep you updated.

Key Take Aways from Xpress Group

  • Innovative signage, at the very least, encourages impulse buys. Contemporary innovations in signs attract the attention of your target market. Although more expensive than “traditional” signage, this is the ultimate in brand recognition.
  • Yes, digital signage and its various iterations are not the most affordable option, so it’s worth considering any future use with care. Nevertheless, the impact on awareness could be substantial; and your ROI – even more so. Contact Xpress Group for more information on how we could work with you.
  • Ready to rise above everything and everyone out there? This signage innovation could be your secret weapon in the Standing Out war.