Print Distribution – What You Need to Know

Maximising Impact and Efficiency with Expert Print Distribution

Picture the scene:

Good news: Your marketing collateral has been printed. It looks amazing. And, it actually exists as a real product.

It ticks all the boxes – with excellent copy and meaningful graphics.

You’ve segmented your data and targeted your campaign to appeal to your chosen demographic. And now what? How do you ensure that your direct mail, brochures, leaflets, banners, or point-of-sale items get to where they need to be – promptly and without sky-high shipping costs?

Alternatively, you may have, say, six branches nationwide, and each location needs printed material on a regular basis. They’ve been produced in larger volumes for considerable economies of scale. But, there’s a glitch: none of your branches have enough storage space for them.

Question: where do you keep all the boxes, and how do you get what each branch requires on time?

Step forward print distribution.

Print distribution is a critical stage in the print process.

In our view, print distribution is a critical stage in the print process.

In effect, it’s your moment of truth; where you see all your time, effort, skills and investment coming together as the item arrives at its destination. But what is it, exactly? Well, there’s more to it than you may think. To fill you in, Xpress Group has put together our ultimate guide to print distribution: how it works and its importance in the marketing chain.

What is Print Distribution?

Print distribution involves the movement of a product from production either directly to a customer, a warehouse for storage, end users, or any other required location.

But, the process doesn’t just happen. It’s a highly skilled exercise in logistics.

It’s common for printing businesses to offer this service. Xpress Group is pleased to provide outstanding print distribution as the final must-have step in your print marketing campaign. With us, it’s a substantial “value add”.

We aim to be an extension of your team, with the expertise you need to ship products anywhere within the south east of England, as well as internationally. We’re an ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited company, giving you the peace of mind that we maintain the highest possible standards.

Print Distribution in the Real World

In our opinion, your “where” will be as important as your “what”.

In other words, it’s vital to consider where your printed collateral will go and how it will get there. And, if it’s for a key stage of your marketing strategy, to be there and available right at the start of your marketing campaign. You’ll want the items to have maximum impact. For example, flyers in magazines can be highly effective. Also, brochures sent by direct mail.

Printing Places
The following are typical print distribution destinations:

Inside packaged orders. Print marketing inside parcels and packages may entice your customers to buy from you again. Special offers on their next order, news about upcoming product launches, or even QR codes to direct them to your website can be subtly persuasive.

In “goodie bags”. If you’re sponsoring a series of trade shows or exhibitions, your printed marketing in a goodie bag can strengthen brand awareness.
Point of sale display. Reception desks and till points are great places to display your print marketing. Print distribution will deliver your leaflet holders or floor signage exactly to where they will make the best impression.

Key benefits of print distribution are:

Efficiency: Print distribution can streamline the process from printing to delivery, saving time and resources.

Cost-Effectiveness: Bulk distribution often results in lower costs per unit, and professional distribution can also reduce postage costs through efficient sorting and mailing practices.

Reach: It enables businesses to reach a wider audience or target specific demographics or locations more effectively.

Convenience: Outsourcing print distribution to a company specialising in this field can free up a business’s resources, allowing them to focus on core activities.

Reliability: With professional print distribution, businesses can have greater confidence that their materials will reach their intended recipients in good condition and on time.

So, as you can see, printing isn’t by any means the end of the process.

Whether you’re sending brochures to an exhibition or involved in direct mail fulfilment, print distribution will enable your printed collateral to be available to your staff and any location and your marketing to get in front of your customers when and how you need it to.