From Website and Digital Design to Print

Reaching More of the People, More of the Time

What we mean is, would you be partial to influencing the hearts and minds of the customers you’d really like to sell to – the ones who are practically perfect in every way, and who will spend actual English pounds on your products and services?

Well, yes. Probably, you would.

We have a suggestion:

Sales, marketing and branding, although distinct, are critical for growth. They are in your “mix”, or they should be. If we could help your company expand its business horizons, it may interest you, yes? Ah, now we have your attention.

Try a marketing fusion.

The Solution is Simple

In our experience, the very best marketing campaigns are across multiple channels. That is, just having a website, or just using brochures is somewhat limiting. You need as many people as possible to experience your brand identity positively.

That’s why Xpress Group offers outstanding-quality print expertise and user-friendly websites, fully optimised with search engine optimisation and open 24 hours a day worldwide.

The world of print and digital marketing work together brilliantly; they combine, balance and harmonise, offering your customers the best of both authentic worlds.

Why You Need a Website

Don’t operate a Sales Prevention System where your future client disappears in a puff of smoke because they couldn’t find you online. And, don’t have website shame; there’s no need. With a high-quality website, you can tell people what you do, where you do it, and how you do it. And, legitimise your business.

Your website could be working hard, generating enquiries into your company at the level you deserve. If you sell online, an e-commerce website is critical.

Built with WooCommerce or Shopify’s affordable, enterprise-level platform, you’ll have instant access to a national or global marketplace.

Whatever your area of business, your website needs to look good, be easy to move around and deliver style, good looks and substance.

Internet Inspiration with Xpress Group:

Fully Responsive
Your website will be viewable and superbly usable on all platforms, laptops and PCs, as well as on all types of mobile phones and tablets. Many of your customers will find you on their phones, so this is vital.

User Experience
We design websites for humans.

Specifically, the humans you want to sway and persuade to buy from you or get in touch. This means “user experience”, or UX. Xpress Group understands how to make web pages flow, making it easy for your prospects to know, like and trust you. Their user journey will be simple, streamlined and positive.

We work with WordPress, as it’s an exceptional, robust content management system.

If your website is failing to generate the return on investment you need, we can help. Stand out with an impressive, eye-catching web design that drives traffic.

We offer full website support, too, for proactive customer service.

Print Marketing for the 21st Century

The modern print sector is highly sophisticated.

The latest technology delivers innovation in products, sizes and dimensions, finishes, and colours. It allows flexibility and adaptability. Today’s latest digital printers include up to 12 print heads, each with over 1,000 nozzles. The process is outstandingly good. And, fast.

Xpress Group’s long-standing experience is your gain. Our knowledge and understanding of this still-necessary marketing tool helps us offer expert advice for what will work best for you.

Why Is Print Still Important?

It offers credibility. You have instant authority with a brochure, especially if your services are high-end. The value you place on your marketing reflects the high esteem in which you hold your target market.

You can touch it. Glossy, textured, smooth – it’s all good. A visceral, physical interaction with marketing collateral will always be a positive experience.

It’s Really Interesting. Print marketing comes in different formats, sizes and styles. Engage people with something different.

Enhances Brand Recognition. What emotional response would you like your prospects and customers to have? It’s all about feelings and how they see your brand. Brochures are distinct, touchable and memorable; they communicate the personality of your business.

Old Is New Again. Brochures are in demand; they’re sleek, and almost fashionable. And, they will get noticed.

Although it’s a considered investment, the “old-fashioned” approach will mark your business as different if you work in a competitive sector.

Xpress Group – What We Think

In our view, combining website and digital design with print marketing can widen your net. You don’t want to lose customers if they move to a new, preferred channel, so you can keep them with you with broader exposure. Importantly, this method can maintain their trust this way, too.

Also, online and print platforms offer different advantages that you can exploit, making the most of the positive attributes of each channel.

There’s no argument. No disagreement.

As well as a fabulous website, sleek, high-quality print marketing can play an amazing role in an integrated marketing campaign, creating a multi-channel approach that elevates your organisation to the status of top promotional performer.