Elevate Your Brand with Creative Graphics

Transforming Spaces: The Impact of Window and Wall Graphics

Do you have designs on your windows and walls, inside or outside? If not, in both senses, now could be the time.

Here’s the thing:

Human beings are visual creatures. We process images and graphics in a nanosecond – much faster than paragraphs of text.
And, as the saying goes, first impressions are often lasting impressions. Window and wall graphics play to this concept, with striking, impactful designs on the outside or inside of your business.

Done well, they can elevate your presence in the marketplace. They even showcase your company’s values and culture.

And, they promote your products or services in a creative, engaging way.

With so many benefits coming your way, this type of marketing is something you’ll want to do correctly from the outset. It’s worth contacting Xpress Group, as we have the in-depth expertise you need: from design and printing to installation, we’ll take care of everything on your behalf.

This piece is about what window and wall graphics do, and more importantly, what they could do for your business.

Similar But Different

Window and wall graphics each serve a slightly different purpose.

Both types of products offer a wide variety of applications and adaptability; they can be tailored to suit various spaces and, generally, in the case of window graphics, are large, bold images printed onto transferable vinyl material. Also known as vinyl graphics, decals or murals, they’re perfect for any size or type of business.

However, just as there’s a difference between a window and a wall (obviously!), there’s a subtle distinction in their purpose and use:

Graphics on external windows are an “outside to outside” product. They incite an immediate response and reaction, whereas those designed to adorn internal walls may consolidate your branding and credibility and encourage employee motivation. Plus, they could deliver some clever marketing without the sales pitch.

Bare walls and windows just won’t cut it anymore.

Durable, long-lasting and cost-effective, it’s not for no reason that you see window and wall graphics practically everywhere. Now that you know about them, you’ll notice their near-ubiquitous presence.

Let’s get back to basics:

What Are Window and Wall Graphics?

Window graphics, or window decals, are images printed on a self-adhesive substrate and placed on glass panels.

They are ultra-flexible and easily interchangeable. As a result, you can update or swap in new images if something in your business changes – like opening hours or when you decide to promote a new product or service line.

You may often associate window graphics with storefronts and shop windows. Indeed, they’re powerful tools to attract attention, engage with passers-by and communicate what’s being sold inside. Ever wondered how you found yourself in a retail outlet you didn’t plan to enter? Most likely, something on the window caught your eye.

Some window graphics are nothing short of spectacular:

The commercial world has increasingly stepped up to the mark: modern offices are made from glass, offering monumental (although budget-busting) canvasses for amazing graphics to turn heads – in the best way possible.

Wall graphics are a striking way to tell a compelling story in a larger space. What we mean is: your company’s story.

This display form may include customised vinyl letters and words and wall decals to adhere to paint, wallpaper, or almost any surface. They can be cut to practically every conceivable shape or design, perhaps to display images or a logo. Thinking bigger? Go floor-to-ceiling and corner-to-corner with full-wall vinyl graphics printed on vinyl sheets that can be divided into sections for easy application. Here, you may wish to display photographs, larger artwork or even full murals.

In many ways, powerful wall graphics could inspire anyone who walks into the room – and inspired people start thinking. Then, they take action.

Would you like to stimulate reactions like that? Your walls, windows and doors offer prime potential. How would you like to transform your internal space?

Let’s Look at Some Benefits of Window and Wall Graphics…

…Of which there are several, but here are the main ones:

1) Strengthen Your Branding

An obvious point, yet a critical one.

The branding implication of making your windows and walls more visually appealing with custom graphics is strong. In this instance, you may wish to incorporate your business’s colours, logo or slogan. Your message: we are trustworthy and professional. The more your branding sticks in your customers’ minds, the more confidence they will have in your products and services.

2) Attract More Footfall with Cost-Effective Advertising

Achieving robust footfall isn’t easy. Nevertheless, it’s more likely that higher footfall will result in more conversions. With compelling window graphics, you could make your business appear more attractive and considerably more visible.

Through a bold, arresting design, people will want to stop and look.

And having read the signs? Well, they’re curious now. Come on in – step inside. We have what you need. Or, want. Are you having a sale or offering in-store promotions, membership plans, or seasonable discounts? Window graphics are a must.

In addition, once you have paid for the design, production and installation of your signage – that’s it. You have paid a one-off cost for a potent, on-site form of advertising rather than recurring fees for ad space or a permit. Did you know that window graphics are easy to remove, so you don’t have to commit to long-lasting campaigns?

Your window decal will work as hard as you do, only in situ rather than remotely, giving an immediacy that “normal” advertising never can.

3) Creates Privacy and Shade

For your windows, graphics come in various materials, from opaque to transparent.

Thus, you can create a meaningful graphic yet still let in light and retain the privacy of your staff (or customers, if you run a gym or a beauty salon, say). You may be undertaking internal office development yet still wish to promote your brand. Thicker graphics are also invaluable if your external window hits the sun at any time of the day.

4) Enhance Customer Experience

Adding eye-catching, stylish finishing touches to your office space pulls everything together. Your internal walls look complete; your workplace is smart, efficient and specialised.

In effect, chic wall graphics up your game with attention to detail, consistency and elegant images and graphics. Discreetly, your clients will recognise that you appreciate them. Why? Because you know your brand image. You have figured it out. You have set the tone.

And, because you have invested in your office environment and by extension, placed a value on their comfort, engagement and future participation in your business. What you don’t say, rather than what you do, could make all the difference.

5. Transform a Blank Space

Sometimes, less is more.

Plain walls and windows have their part to play, and to be fair, they may be just fine. But at other times, more is most definitely much, much more. Bold, bright window and wall graphics can turn a blank canvas from ordinary to extraordinary. Dull, flat spaces come to life with evocative graphics, images and vibrant hues –all designed to make a lasting impression on employees, prospects and customers in any environment.

Xpress Group’s expertise enables us to create bespoke designs, plus we use premium materials and first-class printing methods to create an impression of quality unmatched by, say, window painting, mismatched signage or simple “motivational” posters.

Key Takeaways from Xpress Group

In our opinion, window graphics and wall graphics may be the affordable yet high-level solution you are looking for:

  • Create or consolidate brand awareness with the messages you need to convey there and then.
  • Use graphics as affordable, flexible, on-the-spot advertising without the drawbacks.
  • Attract more footfall; people act on instinct, so let your wall or window graphics speak to them in ways they’re unaware of.
  • Improve your customer experience with images and graphics that impress, inspire and enthuse them.
  • Create privacy without losing your branding. Stay on message when you need to.