Step up to Flex!

The most Flexible modular portable exhibition system in the world

The Flex system from Xpress Group is a step up from the standard pull up banners used at trade events such as exhibitions, awards, and seminars.

Using a strong steel frame, the system is designed to last for years and allows for easy updates to graphics.

Starting with a standard two metre set up, the system can be expanded in further one metre sections. Our largest order to date ran to twenty-two metres.

Easily transported

The Flex is housed in a wheeled carry case making it easy to move by car or public transport.

Each section comes with an LED light which fits into the case with the steels, graphics, and other parts.

The transport case then doubles up as a plinth which be used to stand brochures and business cards for example.

A case wrap is included along with a printed ‘tabletop’.

For larger requirements (such as shown in the Powertutors image), we can house a four to six metre system in two cases with a single wrap and top.

AV Kit

The Flex can be upgraded to include one or more AV kits.

This strong aluminium section kit and footplate will take the weight* of a flatscreen in either landscape or portrait.

Easy to set up and update graphics

The Flex as a 2-3m system can be set up in around 15 minutes or less.

System graphics use existing hardware for multiple repeats and therefore save the disposal of all those cheap and less robust pull up banners.

Some clients opt for additional sets of graphics for different event messaging.

*18kg  Maximum weight and screen size of 50 inches.

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