Window Graphics

Installing graphics to glass partitions and across your facilities provides colour and vibrancy.

They can also reinforce branding and messaging to your staff and visitors too.

Installations include those for offices, venues and retail establishments. In a retail environment window graphics can also protect staff and clients by providing a degree of shading.

Our team design and install graphics to glass including external doors and windows, often as a belly band so that light is still let in, whilst also providing some degree of privacy.

As well as window manifestations, we can add graphics to walls, doors and even floors for wayfinding.

Arundel frosted meeting room graphic
Cut vinyl window manifestation

Windows, glass and the DDA

From a safety aspect, the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) notes that window manifestations are an important aspect that must be considered carefully.

Under the DDA, businesses must ensure that their premises adds appropriate signage and markings to aid individuals with visual impairments. Regulations state that any glazed area that is at least two metres off the floor level must have markings applied to it to prevent collisions.

This could be anything from a plain opaque vinyl to spaced logos to a full branding wrap.

All graphics should contract visually with the background.

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