Marketing packs

Using striking design from our in-house studio, we create packs for your marketing campaigns and trade events.

In an age where we are swamped with emails that are often caught up in spam filters, a package arriving in the post is suddenly the standout marketing piece.

It may seem like an analogue solution in a digital world, but it works.

For us and many others, print has not gone away. As humans, we still relish something tangible and remember something personal.

Images courtesy of Elekta

Lumpy mailers

A lumpy mailer is a piece of posted marketing containing a small item such as a pen or piece of chocolate, which makes the envelope lumpy. This creates curiosity from those receiving the item and increases open rates.

The trick too, is to produce the marketing pack in such a way that it does not look like marketing until it is opened.

According to the DMA, direct mail marketing is the most effective marketing technique, with a 4.4% response rate – compared with a negligible average response rate of 0.12% for email marketing.

Images courtesy of Elekta

Making it personal

Sending something personalised improves customer engagement and loyalty.

To packs we can add items with the prospects name or company on such as chocolate, pens, and mugs.

We are more likely to hang on to a freebie if it personalised.

This is easily done using our modern HP Digital press and combination of marketing items collated into an envelope or mailing box.

Our team will also sort the deliveries for you by the most cost effective and appropriate method.

Starting at the end

It all starts with deciding what your end goals are.

We will consult with you considering your needs and budget. No hard sell. Simply good advice and the best service.

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