Benefits of On-Demand Printing for Businesses

The Rise of On-Demand Printing in the UK

We move with the times.

Markets change, industries transform to near-unrecognisable levels, and the needs of businesses bend and flex in line with customer demand: more or this, less of that, stacks of innovation and modernisation.

In the printing sector, large-volume, set-in-stone printing may no longer always fit the bill.

Now, other, more adaptable options exist, including on-demand printing – not exactly the brand-new kid on the block, but certainly making its mark. And Xpress Group has the skills and technology to deliver the absolute best of what on-demand printing has to offer.

What exactly is it? And, how could it support your business?

On-Demand Printing

It’s quite simple:

In a nutshell, on-demand printing refers to printing marketing materials only as and when needed. For example, brochures, banners and signs, business cards, flyers, etc. This process may be for a bespoke project or for something that you know for sure will be a one-off. Or, simply for a small batch of printed materials.

Gone are the days of massive bulk printing by default, with the risk of obsoletion, high storage costs, or people cursing when they trip over them.

On-demand printing’s primary benefit lies in you being in charge: you need only order the specific quantity that you require to meet your immediate requirements – and that’s it.

Is It the Same as Print On Demand?

Actually, No.

Although similar in concept, Print On Demand (or POD) has become associated with a broader range of printed B2C merchandise. For instance, bags, mugs, clothing, art, etc. In effect, with its emphasis on lightning-speed logistics, it’s a different animal.

Also, you’ll find POD as part of the self-publishing sector, where it appeals to smaller publishers to decrease risks and inventory costs. Sheet music is one such area on which POD cut its teeth back in the 80s. There was high consumer demand for sheet music for all instrument types, but not always high volume for a particular piece. POD allowed music shops to supply pretty well any sheet music a customer requested, but without having to stock it, and have it delivered within days.

With Xpress Group, although our production and delivery processes are efficient for small batch orders, with a deliberate distinction, our focus differs:

Through on-demand printing, we concentrate on high-standard technology, functionality and quality. This means that whilst we always meet your delivery deadlines, we never sacrifice quality on the altar of speed.

With On-Demand Printing, You Can:

Customise small amounts with no concerns about wasting older, stored materials. Thus, you can adapt your marketing outreach to appeal to various audiences for a better outcome.

Test your marketing. If you’re launching a new service, a “see how it goes” approach, perhaps to a particular region or age group, printing on demand could be the intelligent strategic choice – before diving in for a mass-volume order later.

Save on costs; there’s no need to max out your marketing budget on bulk printing.

On-demand has taken digital printing to the next level. In fact, much of what we do – wherever possible – is governed by our customer-centric, “on-demand” philosophy, regardless of project size.

Keen to know more? Get in touch and join the small batch revolution.